The Forward Society is a youth organization led by ypuths. The organization provides free classes in different fields such as technology, business, personal development, linguistics, and more. Our vision is to teach the youths employable and practical skills that can advance their education or career.


  • To provide a range of events and services that teach practical and employable skills to young people

  • To offer educational counseling and support to help young people make informed decisions about their futures

  • To create opportunities for young people to get involved in community service and make a positive difference in their communities

  • To continually expand and improve upon the services and resources that The Forward Society offers to young people

  • To create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all young people, regardless of their background or circumstances


In 2021, due to the country’s (Myanmar) political affairs, a lot of young people were educationally troubled. A lot of youths started to transition into British education called IGCSE. However, youths did not know anything about the education system prior and they enrolled into classes without knowing if they are fit for it. Therefore it led to many problems. The Forward Society was founded to combat that problem. It started with free classes that introduce IGCSE to the students. From that point on, the organization grew more than that and started to provide free education in differing fields such as business technology and etc.The Forward Society vows to continue providing educational events that will benefit the society.